At the first ultrasound parents and doctors were shocked!


This is the mother who miraculously gave birth to four children in just 11 months.

Just weeks after giving birth to daughter Mia, Swansea native Becky Jones, 30, unexpectedly became pregnant with triplets.

Only 11 months had passed since Miss Johns had given birth to Mya when the triplets were born in January of this year.


When visitors stop to look at the four of children, Miss Johns, who lives with her partner Jason Evans, said: “They can’t believe that I had four babies in less than a year.”


“It does seem hard to believe, and finding out I was having triplets was such a shock.”


‘When I became pregnant, we had only been trying to conceive for a week. Everything occurred so swiftly.


The couple, who also have a nine-year-old daughter named Kayla, were overjoyed when Miss Evans became pregnant and gave birth to Mya in February of last year.


When they finally made the decision to expand their family, Miss Evans immediately learned she was pregnant.


We had made the decision to try for only one more child, said Miss Evans. I wanted Mya to have company as she aged since Kayla was older. Since we anticipated that it might take some time for me to fall pregnant, we immediately began trying.


But a few weeks later, I took a test, and the results showed up as two blue lines. I must have became pregnant in less than a week.


“I began to worry about how I would manage having two little children together, especially ones so close in age.” However, I was certain that I could pull it off.


Then Miss Johns had a scan, and she received more information than she had anticipated. Three heartbeats were shown on the sonographer’s screen, not just one.




I had to glare at the screen to confirm for myself, remarked Miss Johns. I then counted each heartbeat individually. It was true that I was expecting triplets.


They were all born naturally and came from distinct eggs, which is extremely uncommon. It was the healthiest method to have triplets, according to the doctors, because there were no hazards involved with any of them sharing a placenta because they each had one.


“When we told our family and friends, they assumed we were joking,” said the couple. No one took Jason seriously when he told them because he’s a bit of a joker. She wasn’t persuaded even after he showed his sister the scan image of all three triplets together.


Miss John’s pregnancy went smoothly, and she regularly underwent scans to make sure the babies were developing normally.


We gave them the names Snap, Crackle, and Pop, she remarked. It was pleasant to feel them all in motion. Since we had no clue and everyone kept asking what they would be called, Jason gave them nicknames, and they stayed!


When Miss John’s was 34 weeks pregnant and scheduled for a caesarian section at the end of January, the triplets were born.


I could hardly move at that point, she added, and the doctors wanted them out of the way in case I went into labor early.


The likelihood of something going wrong would increase if I gave birth normally. And because we didn’t want it to happen, I scheduled my caesarian section. When I entered, I was anxious to greet my three new arrivals but also frightened.


Raya weighed 4 lbs 3 oz, Phoebe 4 lbs 11 oz, and Ryan 4 lbs 12 oz. As a result, they were all in good shape.


I’ve been lugging around babies weighing close to 15 lbs, she admitted. I found it hard to believe. However, I was simply so happy to hear that everyone was OK and healthy.


They spent only around six weeks in the hospital before being released in March. I had to purchase a four-seater stroller because Mya turned one when the triplets were still two weeks old. It’s currently a bit of a squeeze in our home, but it’s all been worth it.


Kayla is overjoyed to have three new siblings, and it’s wonderful to think that Mya and the triplets will mature at such a similar age.

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