Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Share Decades-Long Love Story

Any type of celebrity relationship is going to be under scrutiny by everyone who is watching. Some of them don’t do well but others will stand the test of time.

For Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, the opportunity to be together has not only resulted in a wonderful relationship but it is one that has stood the test of time. The thing is, they don’t openly flaunt their relationship, despite being in the public eye.

They often hide the people that they are behind the scenes but it seems to be working for them. After all, they have been together for 21 years, raised three children, and many people look at them as being the ideal couple.

Anna Kournikova was well-known as a tennis player before she ever met Enrique. She was already number eight in the world by 2000, even though she didn’t win any singles titles.

On the other hand, many people knew Enrique Iglesias because of his singing abilities. He was popular in Spain and it wasn’t long before he was well-known in the United States as well.

When they were in a music video together that included a passionate kiss, the media began to speculate that they were dating. They were still hiding behind the scenes, but it wasn’t until 2002 that they confirmed they were in a relationship.

Following that time at the MTV Awards, they moved in with each other in Miami where he owned a number of properties. They continued to try to keep their relationship private, which is probably why nobody knows if they are actually married or not.

She said that marriage wasn’t important to her because she was in a happy relationship.


There were some rumors that they had broken up over the years, but they continue to reveal from time to time that they are in a happy relationship.

In December 2017, they had twins, Nicholas and Lucy. Most people tended to ignore the fact that she was pregnant, and he made the announcement in Budapest at a concert.

After the twins were born, they started sharing family pictures on social media. This was different than what they typically did, which was to hide their relationship as much as possible.

They have discussed how they deal with their children over the years, and many pictures have been shared.

Even though they may share those pictures on occasion, they still try to remain as private as possible with their personal lives.

Anna retired from tennis in 2003 because of back problems but she still continues to play on occasion.

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