Their Engagement Party Was Very Normal. What Happened After That Left Me In Tears.

Aly and Anthony Femia got engaged on December 14, 2012. Ever since that moment, they have been excitedly planning the day that would mark the beginning of their life together. When the happy couple originally celebrated their engagement, they were planning on getting married in September 2015. They wanted to wait until Aly finished graduate school and Anthony recovered from shoulder surgery. But then, something tragic happened that made them rethink everything.

Cancer is a terrible disease, it can strike quickly and without warning. When families full of love, though, face these kinds of tragedies… they can find ways to overcome it. Even if they can’t beat the sickness. We wish the Femias all of the joy in the world and we hope Mary Quinn enjoyed watching her beloved daughter get married.



All of these wonderful people are truly an inspiration, including the hospital doctors and staff. Share this heartwarming story with others.

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