An endangered orangutan tries to fight a bulldozer as his house collapses


It’s always sad to see how humans can disrupt and destroy animal habitats, especially when these animals don’t really need to go anywhere.

The heartbreaking video is a reminder that the industrialization of humanity can have real casualties as a desperately displaced animal tries to defend its home from a bulldozer.

The Bornean orangutan is endangered as deforestation has destroyed much of its natural habitat. From time to time, survivors can be seen in the forests of Indonesia, but they are under constant threat.



The biggest threat to their survival is the rapid expansion of the palm oil industry. The rainforests are being completely cleared to make way for palm oil cultivation and destroy the already rare orangutan habitats.

This deforestation is conducted with little interest in native species, but the viral video is a reminder of the devastating impact these species have had on them.

According to Protect All Wildlife, the video was recorded in 2013 and published several years later by International Animal Rescue. The scene shows the scene of a deforestation project in Kitapang, West Borneo … but when a bulldozer approaches, the orangutan tries to defend his home:


The orangutan apparently lived on a tree that had been demolished by a construction crew.


According to Protect All Wildlife, two members of the IAR Orangutan Defense Squad attempted to abandon the monkey to take it to safety. However, he did not fall without a fight.

The orangutan climbs over a log and appears to be trying to fight the bulldozer and defend his home:



Of course, the brave endeavors of the animals were not up to a huge bulldozer or a deforestation project, and at the end of the video we see the monkey fleeing while construction continues.

Fortunately, this monkey seems to correct him:

“Despite all the obstacles, our team was able to rescue this orangutan and return him to safety,” said IAR.

“Unfortunately, scenes like this are becoming more common in Indonesia. Deforestation has led to a decline in the number of orangutans; habitats are being destroyed and orangutans are starving. ”

What a heartbreaking video. No animal should lose its home to make room for a farm, let alone one in critical danger.

Something needs to be done to reduce all this deforestation and protect the few remaining Bornian monkeys. Share this story to tell everyone about it!

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