EKIN HELL Ekin-Su is ruthless and using Sharon Osbourne to launch her career to the next level, claims CBB legend Kim Woodburn.

KIM Woodburn claims “ruthless” Ekin-Su is using Sharon Osbourne to get ahead in her career.

The iconic Celebrity Big Brother star has insisted the Love Islander is playing a game – after noticing her gravitate towards the older Housemates.


Kim Woodburn has blasted Ekin-Su for ‘using’ Sharon OsbourneCredit: ITV


Ekin-Su has been called out over her ‘game-playing’Credit: Rex
Speaking to The Sun’s Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown podcast, in association with Press Box PR, Kim said: “Ekin-Su is a game-player, she wants to go as far as she can go.

“She’s terribly ambitious. I don’t know where she gets this hoity toity attitude from, but she’s not got a hope of winning. She’s rather full of herself.

“I don’t know why she feels she’s superior. Come on calm down, Ekin – and stop mentioning Love Island.”

The House is divided as the older cast spend more time together, with the others calling themselves the “under 34s”.

“Ekin-Su gravitates towards the older ones that have been very successful and very famous, but of course she wants to get on, dear, doesn’t she?”, added Kim.

“I mean, Ekin-Su wants to go to the top and if it means crawling around the very well known people who may have some influence then she’ll do it.


“I mean, do we condemn her for it? In a way, yes. In a way, no.

“She’s ambitious to the point of ruthless. I don’t like that. She could be a danger. She’s so ambitious, but you know good luck to her. She’s not fooling anybody. Good luck to the girl! Good luck!”

Meanwhile, Fern Britton has struggled finding her place so far – admitting she feels “forgotten and overlooked”.

Kim continued: “I met Fern years ago. She is a lovely person. She is a gentle, soft person who’s trying to fit in.

“We know she has had a lot of sadness in her private life, and in her working life she has been done the dirty. I think she is ideal when she is sitting at home writing her books.

“I’d like her to win whether she will. Who knows? Because I’ll tell you something of all the people in there I believe she would be absolutely over the moon, and it would be something in her life that she can celebrate saying ‘I’ve won’ because she is lost.

“I’d be thrilled if she won. I don’t think she will, though.”

Tonight, Lauren Simon, Louis and Fern go head to head in the second live eviction.

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Sharon osbourne’s exit will air tonightCredit: Rex

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