The Easiest Way To Grow Tomato Seedlings

If you have some overripe tomatoes in the refrigerator, do not throw them away.


You can use even the overripe tomatoes for turning them into seedlings and thus grow completely new tomatoes in just several days.

We attach a video of a Wannabe Homesteader in which he teaches us how to grow tomatoes using only a pot, some soil, one tomato, and of course, Mother Nature is last on move to do its magic.

Start by cutting the tomato at slices one inch thick. You should get four tomato slices that should be put into a pot of compost. Next, throw some potting soil or compost, or both over the tomatoes, making sure they are barely covered.


Water the pot from time to time. In a week or two, you should get about 50-60 tomato seedlings. You can pull them out (the larger ones) and plant them in another pot. Make sure you do not put more than two seedlings per pot.

As the Yale Environment 360 says, each year, about 30-40 percent of the things grown and raised in the USA is thrown away or rots between farms and kitchens.

In other words, about 133 billion pounds of food is being thrown, which is upsetting! We can all do something about this and change things as much as we can, starting from this seedling technique.

It is extremely simple and easy, and it works as a magic. Almost everyone is left with at least one overripe tomato, and now there is a way for us to give that one tomato a new life.

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