A dying mother becomes a heroine


On the night of September 14, 2014, an emergency response team was called to a three-story home in a Georgia town after neighbors inside heard gunshots. What nobody knew was that an incident of domestic violence had already turned into a fatal event.


Within 12 hours of arriving at the scene, officers entered the home and found the bodies of Jessica Arendal, 37, and her boyfriend, Antoine Davis, 30. At first glance it looked like a murder case.

What nobody knew was that the couple’s daughter, just 5 months old, had survived a violent altercation under very strange circumstances, the same ones that would turn her mother into a heroine. The two had a 15-year-old daughter together, Naomi, Antoine had two other daughters from another relationship, and the fourth daughter brought her family back together after little Kobe was born.

Antoine was a soldier in the US Navy and participated in the Iraq war. Although the mother of his first daughter said that he was a loving father, it seems that the war changed him a lot, the man was suffering from severe depression and had been violent lately with his life partner.


On the night of the murder, Antoine and Jessica had come home after dinner in town, apparently, they had an argument and the tensions between them quickly became violent. Antoine ran Jessica around the house, and the mother held the baby in one hand and the baseball bat in the other, trying to keep him away.

Finally, Jessica ran to the bathroom and locked herself in there, the man took the rifle, broke the door, and shot the mother in the head, not noticing, fortunately, that she had the child with her when she entered the bathroom. Wounded to death, only one thought kept her alive: to protect her daughter. With the last of his strength, she put his child in the toilet bowl, sat on the lid, and died.

The girl’s father looked for the little one everywhere, when he couldn’t find her, he shot himself.


When they discovered Cobie, under her mother’s body, she was suffering from hypothermia, she had head injuries suffered as a result of the altercation between the two parents, but she was alive. Currently, Jessica’s two daughters are raised by the woman’s parents.

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