Two Brilliant Dogs Work Together To Retrieve Their Toy. How Smart Are They?!

When their favorite toy, a tire, floated to the bottom of the family swimming pool, these two dogs were more than distraught. They needed their toy back and they were not going to let a little water get in their way.

Watch as one dog hops into the pool and, after a few attempts, manages to get the tire above water. Just when the tire looks like it’s going to go kerplunk, the other dog snags it with his mouth and then the two pull it over the edge. It’s pretty impressive watching these pups work together.


It’s almost as if each move was methodic and planned out ahead of time. The best part is watching the dogs look at each other intently during the whole ordeal – it’s almost as if they were methodically planning this out!! It’s just adorable and a must see!

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