Dogs need love too and here are 10 ways you can show you care…I never realized that # 8 was true until now…

1. Teach your dog tricks – they are smart animals and love to learn new things all the time.



2. Talk to your dog to let him know you care. He will understand you..



3. Take him outside, your puppy needs to run, chase things and feel the scents and colors of nature.



4. Allow your canine best friend to make new friends. He will be very grateful..

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5. Give your puppy a treat every now and then..He needs to know he is appreciated.




6. Your dog gets cold too so prove you don’t have a cold heart and take him inside during winter time. Would you like it if you were left outside?



7. Why not let your pup get dirty once in a while? You will wash him anyway and he will have the time of his life.



8. Did you know that large dogs don’t always like to be hugged? They will take your love but prefer that you show it to them in different ways. That’s because they need to feel dominant and cannot feel like that when they are treated like a toy…They want to be a partner and protect you.



9. Touch your dog to let him know that he is your friend.


10. Never, ever hit your pet, he is your loyal companion.

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