Family Dog Saves Newborn Baby From Cruel, Abusive Babysitter!


Benjamin Jorden and his wife thought they had found the perfect babysitter for their son. They went through several interviews, and finally settled on Alexis Khan. For five months, they left their baby Finn, and their dog Killian, in her care.

After a few months, Ben and his wife Hope noticed that their dog was starting to act aggressively toward Alexis. The normally mild-mannered pup even had to be restrained a few times when she came in the door. Sensing that something might be up, Ben and Hope placed a tape recorder under the couch while they were away, and discovered something disturbing.

Not only was Alexis verbally abusive to Finn, she was also physically abusive, and as soon as the cops were involved received one to three years in jail for her crimes. Had the Jorden’s dog not been there to warn them, something much worse could have happened to their son!


Please, always listen to your instincts – and your pet!

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Killian the dog tipped the family off to the babysitter’s months of abuse.

Killian the dog tipped the family off to the babysitter's months of abuse.


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