Mother Dog Rescues Her Puppies From Burning House.

Mother dog rescues her puppies from burning house and places them on fire truck. The dog, named Amanda, rescued them one by one from the flames and moved up to the fire truck. One of the puppies suffered serious burns and is being taken to at a veterinary clinic. There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do to save her babies, including rescuing them one-by-one from a house fire.


Photos of a dog in Chile apparently carrying all five of her 10-day-old puppies from a burning house then placing them in the back of a fire truck made the rounds on social media Saturday. Chilean newspaper Soy Chile said Amanda and all but one of her puppies survived the blaze. Unfortunately one pup, Amparo, died of severe burns. All of the surviving dogs were taken to a local veterinarian to recover. Homeowner and dog owner Omar Torres was also treated for burns.

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