A dog that has been adopted after 500 days at the shelter will receive a warm shipment


A shelter dog is finally adopted after 500 days of waiting in an animal shelter and treated very enthusiastically in their new home.

Bonita, a six-year-old mixed dog, was photographed jumping for joy and wagging her tail enthusiastically as the staff at the Niagara SPCA shelter tossed, cheered, and clapped as her new family led her out of the building.

Bonita arrived at the shelter on August 13, 2018. Despite her amiable attitude, she found it difficult to find a home as she was not in a home with young children or other dogs. Thanks to the dedicated staff and the last care, a potential user was added on December 11, 2019. Ray Keynes decided Bonita was the right dog for him and she adopted him!

The shelter couldn’t contain their excitement and wrote:

“After almost 500 DAYS of being at our shelter, our longest resident, Bonita, has found her forever home!!! We truly can’t contain our excitement and happiness for this precious girl. Thank you to these amazing people who came in and asked which dog had been here the longest and then gave Bonita the best Christmas present she will ever have…a home!!!”

The next day, Bonita left the shelter very happy. A heartbreaking video clip was recorded of the shelter’s tallest resident returning home enthusiastically.

How is Bonita doing in her new home? Niagara SPCA announced that “Bonita had a great first night at home,” adding, “She chose the big bed,” alongside her new father, of course.

Kinz also made an Instagram page for Bonita, and you can see how much she loves her new life.

Here she is enjoying her first snow day with the family!

She recently celebrated her 7th birthday and couldn’t be happier with her new family.

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