Doctors couldn’t help it and within a week the woman went blind.

Every spring, the Kuroki family’s home in the Japanese village of Sentome becomes a place of pilgrimage. Thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the beautiful view. Thousands of pink buds bloom here and everything becomes a colorful carpet. The Kuroki family greets everyone with warmth and joy.


It all started several decades ago. In 1956, Tosiyuki and Iasuko married after their parents’ consent. They didn’t know each other until they got married, but over time they realized they were meant for each other.


Couples lived in love and understanding. They had three wonderful children who they raised with great care and love. Her house was always filled with joy and laughter.


The family was supported by the production of cow’s milk, which took a lot of time and attention. However, Tosiyuki and Iasuko did not complain and supported each other: “I can’t remember a day when my wife was sad. She never lacked character and she always knew how to cheer me up,” Toshiyuki said.


After 30 years together, the couple began to think about a well-deserved rest. Your children are already grown and on good terms. So they began to live as they wished.


The couple started touring Japan and enjoying the beauty of their country. Yasuko has been dreaming of this for years. It seems that her dreams have come true, but fate will judge her and she will deal a powerful blow.



In 1986, Yasuko’s eyesight suddenly deteriorated. Doctors couldn’t help it and within a week the woman went blind. It all happened very quickly without anyone expecting it.

This caused much suffering for Yasuko. She stopped enjoying life as before and became depressed. Seeing her condition, her husband tried in many ways to calm her, but all his efforts were unsuccessful.


In the spring of next year, Tosiiuki noticed a group of people looking intently at the ground around his house. He realized that they were interested in the pink flowers that grew and stood out on the gray earth after the winter.

That gave the man a great idea. He decided to plant only this kind of flower all around the house. Since his wife flatly refused to leave the house and communicate with the world, then the others should come to their home!


For two years, Tosiiuki worked hard to bring his idea to fruition. He had to redraw the plan of the lot they lived on. He dug water channels and planted phlox everywhere.

The idea of the caring husband paid off! Iasuko was more and more attracted to the smell of flowers and began to spend more time in the garden.


Communicating with everyone who crossed her threshold to see the miracle in her yard, Iasuko realized that her life was not over. She realized that it could still be useful and interesting to others. And so, the smile returned to the woman’s lips.


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