Despite experiencing neglect from humans, the stray dog’s unwavering faith in them remains intact. It’s truly remarkable!

The tormented dog found its true happiness!

This poor canine named Chowder spent four years in an abandoned garage, where people dumped a lot of useless stuffs without paying attention to the poor animal.

Although Chowder had many difficulties in his life, he didn’t lose his trust in people and due to his big faith, one day something wonderful happened with him. He was found by a kindhearted man, who hurried to free him from such an awful condition.

The man was surprised by the dog’s attitude towards him. When he approached to Chowder, he greeted him as if they were close friends.


The kind human connected with Stray Rescue and informed them about the case. When the rescue group arrived, the dog became much more confident and calmer as if he understood that he was going to be saved.

He jumped into the arms of one of the rescuers and hugged her strongly. In this way he wanted to express his gratitude for their kindness.

When they arrived at the shelter, the staff immediately began to treat him. After receiving much love and care from the workers, the dog started to feel calmer and happier.

He was sent to a foster home until he will be strong enough for adoption.

Chowder is very cute and loving and he enjoys to make new companions. He is now happy to be safe and protected next to his caring rescuers. When he becomes completely healthy, the staff will look for a loving family for him.

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