These Depressed Dogs Were Ignored By Everyone. Then One Day, Something Amazing Happened.

Instead of trying to encourage people to save the lives of dogs, one shelter came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to start a campaign that would encourage dogs to save the lives of office workers and “walk them” on their break.

The Lost Dogs Home of Australia launched the “Human Walking Program,” hoping to save people from their cubicles and homes. Instead of sitting inside all day, the shelter tried to encourage people to go on a walk with some friendly dogs.

Those homeless shelter dogs helped get thousands of office workers to leave their desks and spend their breaks enjoying themselves outside.


Thousands of dogs and humans found happiness through this campaign. Watch the video below to see how this amazing idea came to be:

5,000 office workers and 5,000 different dogs were saved, thanks to this Australian shelter. The next time you visit a dog rescue, don’t think just about saving the dogs. Know that these joyful animals can save you, too.

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