Dad Experiencing Joblessness and Sporting Noticeable Face Ink Seeks Work on Facebook After Prolonged Job Hunt.


In the complex tapestry of life’s twists and turns, Mark Cropp’s narrative stands as a testament to the transformative nature of second chances and the profound impact of both impulsive decisions and unexpected acts of kindness.

Face tattoo

In a daze, they decided to use homemade toothpaste ink and melted plastic knives and forks to tattoo Mark’s nickname on his face. A large black tattoo of “Devast8” across his jaw and lower face later became a symbol of grief.

After his release from prison, Mark tried to get a job. His large facial tattoo made it nearly impossible for him to support his partner and daughter and reintegrate into society. Mark had trouble getting a job because of his tattoo, despite previous work experience that discouraged employers.

Mark explained the meaning of the tattoo to Daily Mail Australia, saying: “For a while, I would screw up everything I was involved in. Everyone I met or came in contact with ended up suffering from me.”

He continued: “I always heard it was devastating – people would be upset by things I did or said. I believed that once it started I couldn’t stop. To be honest, I wish I’d stopped at the outline .”

“Before I knew it, I had this thing on my face… It was puffy like a big pumpkin,” he said.

Mark was desperate to get rid of his tattoos and was looking for a solution, but few professionals were willing to help him and he didn’t have enough funds. The best option, laser removal, required several sessions and was expensive. At that point, Mark posted a plea for help on social media.

Mark applied for a job and a fresh start on Facebook and posted a selfie with his signature tattoo. His heartfelt plea was noticed on stage and Sacred Tattoo, a tattoo parlor in Auckland, took note.

New beginnings


Inspired by Mark’s story and sensing an opportunity to do good, Sacred Tattoo made an extremely selfless decision. The community-based tattoo parlor made a generous offer to Mark, providing a free session to laser remove the ‘Devast8’ tattoo from his face.

This kind gesture from Sacred Tattoo demonstrated the powerful influence of compassion in addition to showing how social media can effect positive change.

Mark secured a job at PR Contracting, a scaffolding company, where he was paid $22 an hour.

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The story of Mark Cropp’s journey from a life-changing decision in prison to a chance at redemption paints a vivid picture of the transformative power of second chances and the impact of compassion in our society.

His impulsive decision to tattoo the word “Devast8” on his face after prison became a symbol of his struggles to reintegrate into society. Despite his determination to turn over a new leaf, Mark faced insurmountable obstacles due to his prominent facial tattoo, which hindered his efforts to secure a job and support his family.

However, Mark’s story took a hopeful turn when the community-based tattoo parlor Sacred Tattoo stepped in and offered him a chance for a fresh start. Their selfless act of free laser removal of Mark’s tattoo showed the immense influence of compassion and solidarity in creating positive change.

This heartwarming journey exemplifies the profound influence of social media in connecting individuals and encouraging acts of kindness. Mark’s subsequent employment with PR Contracting represents not only a job opportunity but also a renewed sense of purpose and stability in his life.

Ultimately, this story sparks a conversation about the importance of second chances and the idea that everyone deserves the chance to rebuild their lives, regardless of their past mistakes. It is a testament to the power of empathy, understanding, and belief in the potential for redemption in every individual.

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