The cute Doberman brings his favorite toys to the newborn


It wasn’t long before a cute newborn Doberman pinscher welcomed a Massey to the family. His family in Crawley, England recently caught the dog on camera when Macy picks up his favorite toys and places them in their stroller. His tail wags happily as he hands her over.

Tommy has always been an intelligent and loving dog. His father writes on ViralHog:

“We got Tommy in August 2019 when he was around 3 months old so he’s not 2 years old now. My wife and I have always wanted a dog since we bought our house and have always loved Dobermans for their loving and loyal natures He’s also extremely intelligent and easy to train. He’s always exceeded our expectations in everything he gets in his way, from training to stay on the move to swimming and playing with all the other dogs. ”

Tommy’s intelligence and gentle manner also apply to children. Papa writes:

“We have dealt with family, friends, toddlers and children in the past and his personality has changed completely, has come down to its level and has just attracted them and let them caress him. He’s so gentle and careful it should be a natural instinct! ”

Born in the wee hours of Saturday July 3, 2021, we left all of our baby things in the house for at least a month before Tommy got used to it and makes sure he knew it wasn’t his toy, even to say once must … perfect! ”

All the preparation and training paid off when the newborn baby Massey got home.

Dad comments, “So we brought Macy home on Sunday afternoon, greeted Tommy, and cleared things up before Macy’s was brought in. “He knows that very well.”

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