A couple meets a dog on the beach in Mexico that changes their lives



A touching video of a couple who met a very special friend arrived on the beach a few days ago when they visited Mexico online.

There she visits a dog every day that the adventurers believe they have no home.


That’s why they feed him every day and even call the veterinarians who took care of the puppy. Time passed undiminished and the dog’s love for dogs grew day by day.

In recent days, they have discovered that a dog has its own house, but its owner is very poor. He lives from hunting and often has no more money for food and medication for the dog. Tell the travelers that they can take the dog with them, because that will definitely improve their life.

And they really took him on board their recreational vehicles when they shared the building with two other dogs. Watch the touching video of a couple who fell in love with a dog on the beach in Mexico.

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