There is a clear succulent plant similar to a small opal


This succulent plant is cool and calm! Transparent greasy petals that look like little opals are so beautiful.
Since today many of us are smart in water, succulents are ideal plants for growing, and for some, they are simply the best plants.
All in all, it is easy to grow and also suits the less equipped green gardener! All you need to remember once a week!

The Haworthia succulents are very beautiful with their colorful pink petals, pink and pink in all their glory!
The clear version is quite unusual, but seeds from Littleleafgarden on Etsy can be obtained in packs of 10 or 50 at reasonable prices.
There are only people of us who suffer from plants – similar to astringent plants!
Fortunately, the World Wide Web is at your disposal to help with so many tips and tricks that your lush garden can thrive.
Haworthia plants resemble a vibrant area, but not direct sunlight, especially the most intense during the day.
With the approval of Littleleafgarden at EtsyA, the window will be perfect!

Once a week, everything is needed in the summer months. very simple!


Winter time calls for watering only once a month, keep an eye on the top layer of soil – once it has dried out – that is the call for some watering.

These plants thrive in a more granular soil than a dense mix.  It likes to be able to drain well quickly.


Take care to not over-water it and drown the poor plant! They don’t need much, just sprinkling of water.

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