The child’s best friends hug as if they haven’t seen each other for years, but in reality it’s only 2 days


When was the last time you met your best friend? For some of us, modern life is so intense that we sometimes forget those closest to us. Sometimes it takes six months without seeing our colleagues, but even if we think it’s a few weeks, it will climax.

Children are always honest in their emotions – they do what their heart tells them, and we can all endure learning from them (we can go back). A video clip about how two “best friends” run towards each other and embrace the heart of the internet, because honest two-year-olds love each other. Get ready to go to “Oh” because your heart will melt. Be sure to share this post with all your friends and family – thanks for that.

The video of two best friends running towards each other captures the heart of the internet

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The amazing video was shared by Michael Cisneros, Maxwell’s father. Maxwell and his friend Finnegan couldn’t stay together for two days, which they obviously considered too long a time that couldn’t be spent without your best friend.

The besties Maxwell and Finnegan went missing after only two days




Cisneros told ABC News that the two boys are “inseparable” and have known each other for a year.

“When they’re far apart, they’re always asking each other,” Cisneros told the media. “They go to music classes together, Dana Banana (weekly music event), and they like to dance – both are great dancers.”




I will call all of my best friends and plan to meet with them this week. And what about you? What do you think of the friendship between Maxwell and Finnegan? How much time has passed since you saw your best friend? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your loved ones so you can plan your day!

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