Centenarian Claims Dogs Are the Key to a Prolonged Life.

When somebody lives to be in their 90s, we begin to look at them as something special. Longevity certainly is something all of us would enjoy having in life, and we may even start to ask them how they lived for so many years.

Those questions become even more frequent when an individual turns 100. There aren’t all that many people who become centurions, but for Ada Daniel, living on the other side of 100 became normal.

Aiden lived in Derbyshire, England, at a care facility. She was able to reach the ripe age of 108 years old before she eventually passed away.

I’m sure that you are wondering how Ada was able to live such a long life. She actually didn’t hesitate to tell people when they asked, she said that she had dogs rather than having children.

In an interview, she said that she had a lot of greyhounds when she was younger and she joked that having the dogs rather than having kids led to her long life.

She also said that it was important to ‘keep going’ and she loved playing board games and dominoes. It kept her busy, and kept her mind active.

Although she enjoyed living to the age of 108, there were some problems associated with that as well. She didn’t have much family left, especially since she didn’t have any children who would eventually leave her with grandchildren.


That is why the activity director at the care home where she lived reached out on the Facebook page to get her as many cards from people as she possibly could before her birthday arrived. They wanted that day to be very special, so they were trying to get her 108 cards for 108 years.

When they woke up in the morning, however, 135 messages had already come in from people wanting to send cards. That number just kept growing until she eventually was able to receive over 300 cards.

They also receive donations along with birthday cards and some people sent banners with her picture and balloons with her name on them. Even King Charles III sent a card, letting her know how pleased they were she was celebrating her 108th birthday.

Ada, however, didn’t want too much of a fuss over her birthday. She said that it made her feel happy, and she said that you just have to keep smiling.

In the UK, there are about 123 people who are over the age of 107. This includes one woman, who is 114.

Unfortunately, Ada was not able to make it to her 109th birthday. Until she died, however, she impacted people on a very personal level. It seems as if she is still doing that today.

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