Baby Bunny Takes Her First Bath, And It’s The Cutest Thing In The Entire World.

Oh. My. God. Who thought that all you had to do to make an adorable two-week old bunny even cuter was to just add water?

After falling asleep in her litter box, like most baby bunnies tend to do, this little sweetheart awoke to a pretty nasty mess! So her owner decided it was time to introduce her to the tub! While bunnies generally do not need to be bathed, this little one was definitely an exception and judging by her reaction, seemed to take to water just like a fish!

Just wait until you watch her splash and play around! Words cannot express how adorable she is, you just have to see it to believe it!


NOTE: Organizations such as the House Rabbit Society note that rabbits and bunnies should only be bathed at the recommendation of a veterinarian. The bunny in this video was not harmed!

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