Brave Teen Breaks Down In Tears During Song He Wrote For His Hero

Paul Thomas Mitchell may only be 18 years old, but he’s already experienced enough pain and heartache in his lifetime to write an entire album.

As a young boy, Mitchell grew up on the outskirts of Memphis and picked up the guitar to escape the hurt he experienced at home. Both of his parents were alcoholics and his mother, a drug addict, ended up abandoning the family, causing Mitchell’s father to fall deeper into despair.

Realizing he had also abandoned his only son by not being there for him, Mitchell’s father got himself sober and has chosen to live the rest of his life dedicated to his son. The song Mitchell auditions with on America’s Got Talent is called “My Life”, a touching ballad he wrote for his true hero and inspiration, his father.


With an unexpectedly soulful and raspy voice, all those years of using music to push through the pain has really paid off in this moving performance.

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