This Little Boy’s Future Wife Photo Bombed Him A Long Time Ago. And They Just Noticed.


Here’s one you can file under the category, “Are you SERIOUS?” As engaged couple, Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler, were going through childhood photos at Nick’s grandparents’ house, they made an unexpectedly awesome discovery. In the background of Nick’s photo… guess who?

Yep. Aimee.

The little girl in the background, having no idea she would some day marry the boy getting his picture taken, is Aimee.



20 years later, they are now married.




The first photo was taken in 1994 in Mousehole, Cornwall (UK) where Aimee grew up. But Nick lived 300 miles away and happened to be there visiting family on that day.

I’m sure if you told them at the time, they would yell GROSS and run away. But 2 decades later, they just got married this past Saturday… with an awesome, unique back story.

What do you think?