This Boy Lost His Baby Brother Months Ago, But They Still Play Together At The Cemetery.


Sometimes bAdd Mediaeauty and heartache go hand in hand, and this story is a heart-wrenching combination of both. You might want to get the tissues out.

Charles, the young boy in this photo, is playing with toy cars in a sandbox that was installed on top of his baby brother’s grave. Charles’ parents, Timothy and Ashlee Jolley, added the sandbox so that Charles could continue to play with his younger brother when he visited the cemetery.

The image, which was uploaded to Imgur, was posted with the caption:


“Family added a sandbox to their baby’s grave so big brother could “play with” him when they visit the cemetery.” [source]

Some people who have seen the photo criticized it for being “creepy” and psychologically damaging. However, for a young boy this might be the best way to cope with the loss of his brother, who only lived 5 days.

Death is difficult to understand, and even as adults we have trouble handling such great loss. If this is what helps Charles deal with his little brother’s death, we don’t nee anything wrong with it.

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