Boats rescue a little bear who swims with a plastic basket on his head

The boat family rescued the little bear, which they found swimming with a large plastic container on their heads.

Tricia Hurt and her family were fishing on Lake Marsh Miller in Wisconsin when they saw a bear with a box over his head. For several days in a row, locals saw a bear on the ground, but now the bear is swimming in the middle of the lake and trying to survive.

The bear not only runs the risk of drowning, as the container slowly fills with water, but also has difficulty breathing.
bear-cheesies-rescue-1Tricia Hurt
Trisha ordered her son Brady to steer the boat near the animal, while her husband Brian tried to pull the box out of the bear’s head.

Brian told KARE 11 that he hears a bear breathing heavily. He could not pull out the glass on the first try, because the plastic was very slippery.

Try again until a tired and frightened bear swims away from his boat. Trishy Brady was asked to stand in front of the bear, but she expressed concern that the bear would not get into the boat!

Watch the family video to save them below:

After several attempts, Brian quite conveniently pulled a plastic container from the bear’s head. “She swims happily,” Trisha happily tells the bear.

The family later spoke of this adventure when they were interviewed in the next news video.
Brian said the bear could breathe easier when the basket was empty. She told Tricia on Facebook that “she never dreamed that we would do this in our lives,” adding: “In the end, he reached the beach.”

bear-cheesiesTricia Hurt
The container on the head of the bear was a large container with cheese, which showed how dangerous plastic waste can be for wild animals. For the safety of all animals, make sure that the waste is disposed of properly.

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