Ben Affleck’s teenage daughter’s striking resemblance to her mother left everyone amazed and unable to speak.

The fans were surprised when they saw how Affleck’s daughter looks like her mother

We often get surprised when we come across some candid photos or scandalous stories of celebrities. It is worth mentioning that their resemblance to their family members can also sometimes seem something incredible and unbelievable.

Here are recent photos of paparazzi who were lucky enough to catch J. Garner and her eldest daughter in the streets of Los Angeles. These pics hit the network and thousands of netizens started to actively discuss their striking resemblance.


It can be considered to be one of the rare cases when no DNA test is actually needed. To be honest, they look more like peers-sisters which is something out of this world.

Here they are and you’re welcome to share your own point of view in the comment section!

In their behavior as well, they act like typical sisters, not like a mother and daughter.

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