Become a Cosmo Fiction Writer!

Violet Jones had no idea what to do. After three and a half years, at 23 years old, she was finally on her own. The breakup played on repeat in her mind — Ben slamming his hand against the wall right by her face, her sinking onto her heels on the floor, covering her ears with her palms to block the yelling, and finally screaming at Ben that she’d had enough.

As she walked home, she thought about Erik. Mostly, she was glad Ben never found out what happened between her and Erik. As sad as she was about Ben — and afraid as she was of being alone — she couldn’t stop thinking about how badly she wanted to repeat the night they spent together.


Do you write gripping stories in your spare time? Do you have a Violet Jones you’ve been dying to introduce to the world? Well now’s your chance! is looking for a brilliant, creative writer to pen a new installment of the Bedroom Blog, our fictional sex and dating blog, for one year. Applicants should submit a 100 word outline of their proposed characters and plot line, plus three sample blog posts (500 words each) and three sample tweets from the perspective of the main character, no later than 12:01 a.m. ET on Monday, April 28, 2014. Email submissions to with your name in the subject line.

The selected writer will take over the Bedroom Blog on, with his/her own fictional story and characters. The assignment will entail submission of two posts per week (500 words each), along with maintaining the blog’s Twitter account (three tweets per day) for one year. The writer will be paid $600 per month.

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