A baby girl is born prematurely and weighs only 1 pound.

When she was born, Pixie weighed only 500 grams. It was so small and fragile that doctors needed to use an unconventional item to keep it alive – a bag of sandwiches.

Sharon Grant gave birth to Pixie by emergency cesarean section at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, England. At only 28 weeks, the baby stopped developing in the womb due to complications with the umbilical cord and placenta.

After Sharon gave birth to little Pixie, doctors were sure she would not live more than an hour. They took her to the neonatal intensive care unit to do everything possible to keep her alive; the child was no bigger than his mother’s palm.

The hospital did not have the necessary equipment for such a premature birth, and keeping the baby at a constant temperature was improvised; In the absence of another solution, doctors used a sandwich bag from Tesco and moved it to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).


Although the choice of doctors may seem strange and even dangerous, this practice has been used before. According to the New York Times, the baby’s thin skin allows water to be removed quickly from the body, so putting a premature baby in a plastic bag or plastic wrap before wrapping it in a blanket can keep it warmer than just a textile…



Sharon was hopeful that the plastic bag could help save her daughter’s life – and she was right — though it certainly wasn’t an easy wait. It was very painful for the new mother not to be able to touch or hold her baby for 18 days that seemed endless. Touching or moving the child could have caused a serious weight loss.


“Since he got home, we have had to visit the hospital very often. He could not stand near other children or sick people, because if he caught a cold, he would reach the oxygen tube again “, confessed Sharon. “She is OK. She looks very good and she is healthy. ”


Pixie is 5 months old now – she is growing more and more and she is healthier with each passing day. And when you think that a common product, used every day, can save a life, it’s a real miracle – and Pixie is the best proof.


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