Australian Firefighters Help Wildfire Animals On This Year’s Charity Calendars


It didn’t take much effort to convince the firefighters on this year’s Australian Fire Brigade’s calendar to help. Not after learning that the money raised through popular charity calendars will be donated to numerous animal rescue organizations that have helped wildlife hit by devastating wildfires that burned over 18.6 million acres of land in Australia in 2019 and 2020

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“After putting out fires and observing the suffering of wildlife, my team and I felt the need to do more. We donated money to care for a koala named Anwen, and after volunteering at the port, Macquarie Koala Hospital has forever changed the way we look at wildlife conservation. ”Said firefighter pioneer Cameron Simpson of the NSW Fire Department.

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“All members of the Australian Fire Service Calendar have decided that all our efforts this year should be focused on Australian wildlife,” said David Rogers, director of the Australian Fire Service Calendar. Rogers added, given the added pressure from COVID-19, “The coronavirus will never stop us from making people smile around the world.”

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We can all have fun with something that lifts our spirits, and what could be nicer than looking at beautiful firefighters and adorable rescued animals?
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While COVID-19 made it difficult for calendar organizers to attract visitors with animals, they invited the public to bring their rescued animals for a demonstration with volunteer firefighters for canine and feline calendars. And what wonderful animals they are!

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Farm animals participated.

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Some famous Australian wildlife and popular pets are also featured. From a kangaroo named Jack to skateboarder Didgi, these images are sure to put a smile on your face.


1603502591-2645-Mick-JackAustralian Firefighters Calendar


1603502591-4505-Cale-.-DidgaAustralian Firefighters Calendar


The money raised really matters. An animal lover’s calendar last year helped a team of veterinarians and volunteers fund new equipment and supplies for almost six months. Her team worked tirelessly to save koalas, wombats, kangaroos and birds.

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“Calendar support was critical during wildfires, supplies were very limited, and calendar funding helped save many animals,” said Dr. Michael Payne from Corumbina Wildlife Hospital.

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Funds will also be allocated this year for the construction of Australia’s first mobile wildlife emergency hospital.

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Psst. You can see more dog pics from the 2021 Dogs and Firefighters Calendar here.

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There are six different calendars to choose from  – from the Classic calendar that started it all, to ones only featuring animals.

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Among this year’s charity beneficiaries are Native Animal Rescue, Wildcare Inc, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, RACQ, Rural Aid, Australian Seabird Rescue, and Kids with Cancer Foundation.

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You can purchase all 6 calendars at And you can visit Australian Firefighter Calendars on Facebook for the latest news.

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