She asks her fiancé to put his 4-year-old daughter up for adoption

The selfishness and lack of empathy of some people can lead to absurd and bad taste situations. An unscrupulous woman has publicly admitted that she wants to get rid of her partner’s daughter because she does not consider herself a person capable of taking on the role of stepmother.

Worse, the child “eats his nerves.” It is about a 4-year-old girl that her partner has from a previous relationship; unfortunately, the mother disappeared and the little girl was left with only one parent, to whom she is very attached.

A detail that apparently does not suit this woman who would like to force her future husband, as well as the father of the child she is carrying, to get rid of her by giving up for adoption. An absurd and totally immoral request.



The treacherous woman, who shared her deep frustrations with the girl on social media without any curtains, justified her statements by saying that she will never be able to treat this girl as her child. The woman is 7 months pregnant and close to marriage. “I’ll never treat her like my own daughter,” she said, “and to be honest, she’s eating my nerves!” The woman fears that the child’s presence may somehow distance her fiancé from her and their future child. Thought that the woman would like to remedy by removing the child. “I don’t know how to approach the situation,” she continues, “but I have to find a way to convince my fiancé to get rid of her.”


It goes without saying that many Internet users, reading such a story, have called a woman a “bad” person, unable to love properly. The little girl has already lost a parent, who can be so cruel as to make her lose the other one? Moreover, it is desirable for the woman’s fiancé to soon realize what kind of person he is marrying and who will become the mother of his child.

A story in which it’s hard not to take a stand: don’t you think?

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