Arguably the Most Unfortunate Guess in the History of Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune, an iconic television show, has mastered the art of keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Its captivating format, where the fortunes change with every turn of the wheel, has produced moments of sheer brilliance and, well, some memorable mistakes. While the show has witnessed remarkable comebacks that have taken contestants from last place to winners in a single round, it’s the missteps and funny gaffes that often stick in our memories.

Imagine yourself as a competitor, basking in the glory of a triumph or even just a decent performance – reveling in the thought of millions witnessing your success. However, for those who have fallen into a pit of embarrassing mistakes, the thought of a replay can make them want to vanish into thin air. The Wheel of Fortune offers a high-stakes stage where moments of brilliance and embarrassing slip-ups coexist, providing entertainment for the audience while testing the nerves of the participants.

Worst wheel of fortune mistake

It offers a lot of entertainment for the viewers, regardless of how the contestant can handle it. Wheel of Fortune contestant Matt recently made what is probably the worst mistake in the show’s history. In this particular episode, Matt’s entire performance was actually quite complex. In case you missed it, he was the eventual winner and took home $23,350, so he probably isn’t feeling too terrible about his terrible mistake in this episode.

However, this kind of embarrassing mistake usually overshadows everything else in the episode. The goal of this round was for the three contestants to solve the word puzzle as quickly as possible. “People” was a category in the puzzle that had three words.

Participants have two options: they can try to guess the whole phrase or just one letter. As for Matt, he asked if there was an “N” in the sentence. It was and the puzzle looked like this: N_R_T-_ N TH_-N_-T-_

It took him a moment to figure out what it could be. To everyone’s surprise, he responded with a word that had no “N” in it. He called it “the ultimate buttery”

Although its exact meaning is unknown, Buttercup’s statement clearly didn’t fit the puzzle! The chosen answer was NEXT GENERATION. Here’s where you can see the funny bug:


Other errors that are directly above

But Matt isn’t the only Wheel of Fortune player to make an embarrassing mistake. Since the show’s debut in 1975, there have been a number of notable missteps. Contestant Kevin in 2017 as he approached a word puzzle. “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE” is the name of the game and he had to fill in the missing letter. He turned and was given the opportunity to choose a consonant. To everyone’s surprise and laughter, Kevin decided to say the word: Naked. The natural answer was STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE.

Lolita McAuley, a resident of Sacramento, California, participated in the speed round in 2009. This means that after each time interval, the letters appear on the board at random. The first person to buzz and guess the whole answer wins. The category was “Thing” and Lolita had to deal with it: S_LF-PO_T_-_T. At this, McAuley buzzed and replied, “OWN POTATOES.” Once again a confusing but hilarious answer. AUTOPOTRAIT was the right answer.

After a series of lucky spins, University of Indiana student Julian was on his way to winning another $1 million as recently as 2014. For the college audience, it was enough to say the words “mythological hero Achilles” in the special edition. Unfortunately, he mispronounced it and said “AY-chill-es” when it should have been “AH-kil-ies”. • He then had to write “FASTEST IN THE WORLD _A”. He chose “c” here, even though “man” was the last word. He ended up having to guess “Decision on the spot” when he got to the “things” section. His biggest mistake came when he guessed “Dicespin on the spot”.

The Wheel of Fortune has had its fair share of triumphs and, shall we say, rather memorable moments. From contestants who miraculously turned their fortunes around to others who stumbled upon some of the most egregious mistakes, the show provided a lot of entertainment.

Matt’s mistake, even though he was crowned the ultimate winner, was undoubtedly a cringe-worthy highlight. His attempt to solve the puzzle resulted in an answer that, while imaginative, was light years away from the correct phrase. “The Best Buttercut” may not have been the answer the show was looking for, but it certainly etched itself into the show’s history.

However, Matt is not alone on this journey of memorable accidents. Kevin’s “naked” moment, Lolita’s “SOLIT” and Julian’s series of mistakes all add up to a collection of hilarious missteps. These cases not only entertain the audience but also serve as a reminder of the pressure and unpredictability that contestants face under the spotlight.

Despite the embarrassment, these moments became an integral part of the show’s charm. The contestants may cringe at their mistakes, but they add to the laughs and entertainment that the audience experiences. And maybe that’s what ultimately makes Wheel of Fortune last – a mix of competition, unpredictability, and the occasional loud bang that we all enjoy.

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