The tiger cub was rejected by the mother and found solace in his best puppy friend


Animals in captivity lose many of their natural instincts and, in a sense, many of the things that made them unique and interesting in the first place. They stop hunting because they are constantly being fed and some stop mating, but of all of this, the saddest effect of restricting wild animals is the loss of their maternal instinct. Fortunately for the tiger cub in our next story, when his mother turned him down, someone else was happy to step in and bathe him with love.


Hunter, a Bengal tiger cub, was born at the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. His mother was also born in captivity and turned him down a few days after he was born. The staff, of course, were concerned about the helpless boy’s well-being and feared that he would not find anyone to offer him the love and maternal comfort he should have received. Finding Hunter as a playmate was very important as he was the only kitten in the litter box and needed someone to share his first steps with him.


To everyone’s surprise, Hunter’s rescue came from an unexpected source. After Sweet Hunter was taken out of his mother’s cage for being aggressive towards him, he met a little German pointer named Chelsea.

Chelsea is about the same age as Hunter, and from the moment they looked at each other, the two instantly connected and started playing.

Athena, Chelsea’s mom and shelter volunteer, says the dog pulls her to her friend’s tiger cage every morning when she walks her dog to check on Hunter. The inseparable duo love to wrestle and play with each other for hours.


According to Athena Honner, Chelsea’s extraordinary friendship is likely to end very soon. The youngster is getting bigger and stronger every day, and soon they may become too strong to play with a small dog. After seeing how these two play and seeing countless examples of unusual bonds in the animal kingdom, we believe the two will remain close friends for many years to come.

Check out two lively kids playing great in the video below:

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