An elderly man, shaking with tremors, enters a pizza establishment and requests leftover food.


The world becomes a better place when we extend kindness to each other, especially during times of need.

Mike Alexander, a mechanic from Worcester, was waiting for his pizza order at Kelley Square Pizza when he noticed an elderly man enter the establishment. The man was leaning on a makeshift cane, wearing two coats, and his hands were trembling. He seemed very hungry and asked if he could receive a discount or any leftover food that was going to be thrown away.

Although the restaurant was about to close, the manager behind the counter refused to let the man leave empty-handed. Instead of offering the leftover food he had requested, the manager instructed an employee to prepare anything the elderly gentleman desired. Mike shared the story on Facebook, highlighting the importance of showing compassion and kindness towards one another.

Source: Facebook/ Mike Alexander

Witnessing the incredible kindness the manager offered, and sharing the story with his Facebook friends, Mike wrote: “I just want everyone to know that during these tough and crazy times where others in the world are out to hurt… there’s still a lot of good. There’s a lot of great. Start with yourselves. Open a door, pay for a coffee, pass on some food, donate to something, thank a vet, hang out with the elderly. Anything.”


A lot of the people who stumbled upon Mike’s post praised the manager’s kind deed.

“Nothing makes me happier than hearing about people being wonderful to other people. Thank you!” one person wrote.

“God bless all of you for your generosity in feeding this elderly man who couldn’t buy himself a warm meal. It’s a tough world we live in and so many people going on notice… You all have a big heart and a blessed soul. I praise those to the highest pedestal for the kindness you are doing. Thank you, God will reward you all,” another added.

There were also those who shared similar experiences. “I was in burger king a few days ago. It was cold outside. An elderly woman comes in, has about 60 cents and asked for a coffee with the senior discount. The lady looked homely but her coffee came out to 84 cents. I told the cashier [to] make it a large and give her back her change; it’s on me. The lady started to cry and thanked me and asked to give me a hug, so I did… I was waiting for my food when the manager came with her coffee plus some food. He told her to sit and enjoy your food and coffee,” a person named Gabrielle P. wrote.

We are so happy there are still people out there who would step in for someone in need without hesitating even a bit.

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