She always felt bloated and tired


Tess Morten, a 47-year-old woman from Great Britain, tried for years to get pregnant, both naturally and with artificial methods, but to no avail.

The woman says she lost all hope of having biological children at the age of 40 when she entered menopause. Both she and her husband, Neil Morten, had a hard time accepting the idea that they would never become parents, especially since they had been trying to conceive a child since 2003, the year they got married.



But seven years after Tess entered menopause, the life of the Morten family has taken an unexpected turn. Tess was starting to feel sick – she was short of energy, bloated, and nauseous, so she went to the doctor. The doctors prepared her for the worst and suggested that she might have ovarian cancer. Alarmed, Tess continued her investigations and had an ultrasound.

“The doctor scanned my abdomen, looked at the monitor, and said, ‘Your ovaries are fine, but look at this.’ I saw a child and asked if it was mine. The nurse was holding my hand because I thought I was going to get bad news. I started crying because I never thought it could happen to me, “Tess said.

Her pregnancy amazed even the doctors. Seven years after she entered menopause, Tess Morten became pregnant without any fertilization treatment. The woman gave birth earlier this year to a perfectly healthy baby girl named Molly.

Experts believe that the pregnancy was possible due to the side effects of the drugs that Tess was taking to calm the hot flashes and that disturbed her hormonal level.

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