Adele interrupted the concert several times to check on the safety of the fans

Adele proves “The Show gotta go” isn’t always the right attitude. First, she proved it by tearfully postponing her Las Vegas stint “Weekends with Adele” because she claimed the show wasn’t done yet. From Adele’s point of view, it’s not worth making an offer that isn’t as good as it should be. This was a difficult decision for her and one that literally made her cry.
Now Adele is showing again that even when the show is on par, it’s important to be willing to turn off the show if necessary. The singer was performing at the UK music festival Summer Time Hyde Park when she suddenly stopped singing. She was about to perform the song “Skyfall” but noticed something happening in the crowd that was more important to her than finishing the song.


Adele told the band to “stop” and then she walked down the stage telling security that it looked like one of the fans in the audience needed help. She didn’t resume singing again until she was confident that security that reached the fan. Watch the video below to learn more about this incident.


Many fans were recording Adele’s performance on their phones when she stopped the concert. One fan shared a slightly longer video of Adele stopping the show. This fan wrote, “Just wanna say mad respect to Adele for stopping the show and making a scene when she thought someone was in trouble and needed help from security. That was a crowd of 65,000+ and she still did it. it really is that easy.”

Does it surprise you that Adele noticed that someone in the crowd needed assistance? Do you think more performers should take a lesson from Adele and be willing to postpone shows and stop concerts?

What do you think?