ABC Compelled to Pay Roseanne $208 Million for the Unauthorized Use of ‘The Connors’

Roseanne Barr was awarded a staggering $208 million by a jury in her lawsuit against ABC, as they were found guilty of stealing her show, “The Conners”. It was found that ABC executives intentionally exposed Roseanne’s bigotry, racism, and conservative conspiracy theories to undermine her career and appropriate her show.

In addition, they instructed the head writer to remove Roseanne from the show in a demeaning and patronizing manner, portraying her as a pill-popping addict who overdoses. This verdict is a significant victory for Roseanne, who has been vocal about her grievances with the entertainment industry.


Despite ABC’s lawyers claiming that they are not a legal entity, and therefore, will not pay the settlement, this verdict sets a precedent for civil suits. A significant number of winners from various shows go on to file successful lawsuits. Roseanne has expressed interest in pursuing legal action, claiming that she is tired of the corrupt system. She even asked the reporter if they had any weed, demonstrating her rebellious nature.

In conclusion, Roseanne’s victory against ABC highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property rights. It is disheartening to see a big corporation attempting to stifle the voice of an individual and appropriate their work. This verdict sets a precedent for future lawsuits and hopefully serves as a warning to other networks that they will not get away with such unethical practices.

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