A woman knows the whereabouts of her husband, who went missing immediately after their wedding 70 years ago and was last seen as a hero named Billy.

The Second World War is unforgettable. It’s also regrettable in many levels. It was the most destructive human conflict in recent history. Pray that nothing like it ever hits humanity again!

This war destroyed lives and brought economies to their knees, and this video is clear evidence of its largely unjust ramifications. A poor lady became a widow just after 6 weeks of marriage. Unimaginable!


When Peggy married Billie Harris, the loving couple had no idea the card fate was about to pull on them, until the then President Dwight Eisenhower ordered the invasion of Normandy. Billie was a fighter pilot, and he was called into duty. Sadly, that was to be the last time Peggy ever saw her husband.

Billie never returned from the war. His story kept changing every now and then: Missing, killed in action, buried here, buried there. Frustrating!

But Peggy never gave up. She sought and yearned for closure. 68 years later, it’s happening! Watch the video here and get the story as presented to On The Road by Hartman. It’s heartbreaking, inspiring, touching.

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