A Squirrel Was Stealing Their Birdseed, So They Came Up With A BRILLIANT Plan!


One thing Robert Krampf prides himself on is his luscious backyard garden full of beautiful flowers, vegetables and birds, but it also includes his nemesis the Rock Squirrel.

While Robert absolutely loves all things that Mother Nature has to offer, this Rock Squirrel has been raiding his bird feeder and by doing so taking with him pounds and pounds of seed. Robert and his wife, Nancy, knew they had to do something but they didn’t want to hurt the little guy. So Nancy came up with a genius solution: vaseline on the bird feeder pole!

Lucky for us, Robert caught the squirrel’s first encounter with the slippery pole on camera and it’s absolutely hilarious. With the combination of this happy couple’s narration and this squirrel’s refusal to give up, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while.


And for those of you worried about the squirrel, Robert said the cute little critter was never injured and is happily continuing to raid the other two feeders in the vegetable garden!

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