A rich family is looking for a nanny, to pay a large sum of money to the person who takes care of their child


A rich family is looking for a nanny who is willing to pay a large amount of money to the person who will take care of their child. However, there is a rarer case!

The selected person will receive €57,000 per year to care for two children, aged five and three, respectively.


The show seems to be unique, with one mention: the family home is believed to be haunted.


“I lived in this house for almost 10 years. We were told is haunted when we bought it, but we ignored it and bought it anyway, ”  the children’s mother said in the job posting.


“Five nannies have left the job in the last year, each citing supernatural events as a reason, such as strange noises, broken bottles, and moving furniture,”the woman added.

“We did not face supernatural events, given that they occurred only when we were away from home, but we are willing to pay more than the required amount,”  the owner said.

The family said no one who works for them has been bothered by anything, but one thing is certain: the nanny who wants to work here must have a strong character.

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