A participant on the game show ‘Family Feud’ has been accused of killing his spouse after making a sarcastic comment that marrying her was his biggest error.


Family Feud contestant remembered for making a joke about marrying his wife has been accused of killing her.

According to new reports, 39-year-old Timothy W. Bliefnick was charged on March 13 with two counts of first-degree murder and home invasion. The charges come after his estranged wife, 41-year-old Rebecca Bliefnick was found dead in her Illinois home on February 23.

Rebecca was discovered after she failed to pick up her kids from school. At the time of her death, Timothy and Rebecca had been separated for two years and going through a divorce.

Quincy Police Department

‘Family Feud’ Contestant Who Joked Marrying His Wife Was His Worst Mistake Charged With Her Murder

As People reports, Timothy was a contestant on Family Feud in 2019 before his episode of the show aired in 2020. During the game show, Timothy was asked by host Steve Harvey, “What’s your biggest mistake you made at your wedding?”

Timothy responded by saying, “Honey, I love you, but, ‘Said I do,’” Bliefnick replied. “Not my mistake, not my mistake — I love my wife. I’m gonna get in trouble for that, aren’t I?”


In a statement released by Timothy’s lawyer, Casey Schnack said her client maintains his innocence. “He’s never been arrested for battery, domestic battery, anything violent, anything ever,” she said. 

“He was fully employed…There was tremendous pressure from the community for an arrest to be made. And naturally the estranged spouse is going to be the number one suspect regardless of the other circumstances. He was active in the community. He was a youth football coach. He was actively involved in his church here. A lot of people knew him. It’s very surprising that this is where the family is at right now. He’s your standard, all-American, Midwestern dad.”

Schnack continued, claiming that evidence of a break-in was discovered at Rebecca’s home. “And that’s an allegation that [police] are still looking into, based upon evidence that they’ve sent to the crime lab and other evidence that they’ve collected along the way. There was a window that was broken, but I do not know if the window was broken from the inside or the outside.”

Now, Rebecca is being remembered as a beloved nurse who was certified as a trauma nurse, a sexual assault nurse examiner, and during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she worked as a traveling nurse.

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