A man turns his Staircase into a wine cellar with for 156 bottles


In Australia, contractors who didn’t like the lost area had brainwaves to lift the wine cellar up the stairs. “My name” has a whole new meaning, right? It’s a great idea and I hope to think about it!
1591939493-4112-thumbnailA work of art. Credit: Murray Berrill Constructions

Murray Beryl, 58, from Bendigo, Victoria, owned by a construction company called Murray Beryl Constructions, purchased approximately £ 2,500 (about 5,000) of custom-made drawers from a hardware store called Bonings.

Then, of course, the cost of filling the finely equipped wine holder in these drawers will cost much more, depending on your acquired and determined taste.

This well-insulated cellar can accommodate 156 bottles! It also includes an installed thermometer to maintain the correct temperature and ensure that the wine is heated during the hot summer months, and a second cooling unit is planned.

Murray Berrill spoke to the The Daily Mail;

“When I repair a house, I hate dead space because you don’t pay anything. So we thought about putting wine in the drawers in the drawer later. The drawers are large and very strong – we only spent about $ 500 for the drawers. We had to make sure that all bottles fit and that the overall design is sturdy enough. ”
1591939494-9834-thumbnailA work of art. Credit: Murray Berrill Constructions
This of course made a fuss on social media and caused many to look at the stairs with a different light! Storage space is what most of us want more and more and who doesn’t want more wine …?

Notes like:

“The only complaint is that there aren’t enough stairs.”

“A lot of use of space. I especially like two drawers in the idea of a step.”

“An impressive job, of course, you are a very experienced businessman. There is more than one headache. ”

The funniest story that can certainly begin with this basement is Umm Kelly Muller from Jeddah, Ontario, Canada.

Her daughter Kelly was examined during her graduation because this 82-year-old girl lives alone with her family and realizes that her mother has a large sign that says ‘We need more wine’.

Kelly said “I wasn’t shocked to pull up and see her holding up a handmade sign. I asked her what kind, and she said, ‘Red? White? It doesn’t matter to me. They all taste the same!’”

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