A Homeless Man Was Ignored Every Day.. Until A Stranger Approached Him On Hidden Camera And Did Something MAGICAL.

What an incredible moment caught on camera… if only more people were like this! Three students in Germany decided to do something most people would never even think of doing. They stopped by a homeless man on the street to surprise him by sitting down with him and playing music, as a crowd gathered and appreciated the act with generous tips.

The way this man reacts to the situation was, as first, hesitant — he is most likely never paid this much attention, and was distrusting of this curious stranger. But as the video continues, you see the man realize what’s going on around him and by the end he’s completely shocked and pleasantly surprised. Passers-by stopped and applauded the act by giving away tips. The students gave the tips to the homeless guy and thanked him.


The students started this project to help people stop and think a little bit more about those around us who are less fortunate. Bravo.

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