A Father Alters His Appearance for the Sake of His Daughter: Tattooed Man with Tongue Cut and Black Eyeballs Aims to Become “Normal”

If there is anyone who doesn’t believe in paternal love, show them this! 😏🧐 A heavily tattooed man gets his tattoos removed with the arrival of his daughter! 😮😍 See his before-after photos in this article!  

Today’s article is about Ethan Modboy Bramble, a popular and successful blogger from Australia towards whom even passers-by can’t remain indifferent. His cut tongue, cropped ears, black eyeballs and numerous tattoos make him distinguished.


Viewing all this as a special type of self-expression, he gradually grew interested in possibilities of modern plastic surgeries too. But what could change a man like him? Of course, family! His beloved woman and him soon welcomed a daughter.

He made a strong-willed decision and determined to remove his tattoos so as to not to scare the little angel. This, as we know, caused him a lot of pain, sufferings and money, yet he patiently endured that for the sake of his heiress.

«Empty» and tattoo-free places on his body became bigger and now he looked more or less like everyone around. Paternal love made him rethink his life and prioritize family.

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