Her Husband Thought A Dog Could Help With Her Alzheimer’s. Their First Meeting Brought Tears To My Eyes.

When June was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her husband decided to get her doggie companion that would help her find her way back when she goes for walks in the neighborhood. After months of waiting, the couple are about to see if one service dog named Sadie is a good match for June.

In the clip, June and Sadie meet for the first time… and there is an instant bond! The pair almost started rolling around on the floor together becoming the closet and best friends possible. These two are so sweet together!


Alzheimer’s service dogs can be trained to assist their handlers with a variety of daily tasks, from alerting them when a stove is left on or an appliance plugged in, to helping them identify their house if they get lost on a walk. How awesome is that?! It’s so awesome that June found her perfect service dog match on the first try.

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