A Doberman that was recently saved seizes a one-year-old girl by her diaper and throws her over his shoulder.

It’s amazing to consider the impact one decision can have on someone’s life. Those who have adopted a dog as their companion can certainly attest to this.

In Atherton, Australia, one mother heard about an abused Doberman and made the choice to offer him a permanent home. And it was absolutely the right decision. Catherine Svillicic knew that Khan had a difficult beginning, having been mistreated by his previous owners and even suffering from broken ribs. However, with Catherine, Khan’s luck changed for the better.

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Catherine believed Khan would be the perfect pal for her then 1-year-old daughter Charlotte. And she was right. The little girl fell in love with Khan the moment she laid eyes on him. Her parents knew she was safe with him by her side.


One day, however, Khan started acting very strangely. Catherine could feel he was anxious but could tell why. She noticed he was nudging the girl repeatedly, and moments later, he grabbed her by the diaper and threw her over his shoulder. Catherine couldn’t believe her eyes, she got scared for her little one, and rushed to take her in her hands. That’s when she looked down and saw a King Brown snake, a venomous specimen, right where Charlotte was sitting moments earlier.

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The girl could easily suffered a deadly bite if it wasn’t for Khan. Sadly, he got bitten.

The family quickly rushed him to the vet’s where he received an anti-venom shot. The good thing is that he recovered.

Needless to say, Khan was dubbed a hero for his selfless act. Catherine was glad she took a chance with him and welcomed him into the family.

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