A couple who have been married for more than 60 years commemorate the arrival of their 100th grandchild.


This is a rare and impressive feat that many families could only dream of. Despite the challenges that come with such a large family, the Zangers have maintained their close bond and their commitment to family values.

Not one, not two, but one hundred adorable grandchildren of Leo and Ruth Zanger of Western Illinois! Jaxton Leo, the 46th great-grandchild born to their grandson Austin and his wife Ashleigh, marked a historic turning point.

Ruth Zangers is extremely close and family oriented despite having a huge family. They usually gather for major events and most of them live in Quincy, Illinois.

The family has to rent the church hall every time they get together to make room for everyone. This often involves buying 50 pounds of gammon or 10 turkeys!

The Ruth Zangers have devised a schedule of who is in charge of supplies for each meeting based on the number of meetings they hold each year. Everyone takes turns cooking the meal, which sometimes involves competing for the best feast.

Leo and Ruth have a large family that includes both children and grandchildren. The couple joked that their 100th grandchild, born almost 60 years later, was enough to start their own village.

The proud grandfather replied that the good Lord kept sending them when asked about his huge family. Asked if they plan to have more grandchildren in the future, Leo’s wife Ruth said: “There’s always room for one more.”

Ruth Zangers had children and was married for 59 years from 1956 to 1984. Their youngest son, Joe, is now 31, and their oldest daughter, Linda, is currently 58. When Joe was born in 1984, he already had ten uncles!

Joe’s oldest niece, Jeannine, was born to Linda and her husband, Kenny Hardin, in 1975. She and her nine other cousins ​​are older than Uncle Joe and, given their comparable ages, get along well.

Linda and Joe have siblings Greg, Debbie, David, Donna, Steve, Mike, Daniel, Ernie, Matt, and Chuck. Everyone is to blame for Zanger and Associates, Leo’s firm, continuing to thrive.


One of Leo and Ruth’s children, Donna, offered to take on the role of their family’s unofficial historian by recording all significant facts and occasions related to their family, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and phone numbers, to keep up with their expanding family.

As an unofficial historian, Donna often considers her work a labor of love. Although there is a lot to watch, he will continue to do so for the benefit of their family. Donna is also in charge of keeping everyone informed when they meet.

For those who marry into a family, getting to know everyone and remembering their names can be challenging. Although it may take a while, it is undoubtedly a pleasant feeling that the couple eventually gets used to.

Jaxton was the 100th grandchild, but Ashleigh, who married into the family, says she feels a little more special. Kelly, the mother of Donna and her husband Austin didn’t realize she was expecting until she was three months old.

With such a large family, it could be easy to overlook such a milestone from the outside. Austin, on the other hand, appreciates how his family is pulled together as a whole. They are close friends who spend a lot of time together and who are always willing to help each other.

While many of Ruth and Leo’s descendants work for the family business, Daniel Zanger, Austin’s father, and Jaxton’s grandfather, says Zanger is everywhere. Even though they have a lot of, their family is still pretty close.

According to Daniel, growing up in their large family was never boring and was a lot of fun. Leo and Ruth are now working to give their grandchildren and great-grandchildren a sense of belonging.

The huge clan gathers together with many other families for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. However, they try to remember other important events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Leo and Ruth were adamant about maintaining the family unit with the help of their children, so even with the addition of their 100th grandchild, the Zanger connection is still strong.

the Zanger family is a remarkable example of the power of family values ​​and the importance of staying connected. Despite the problems that come with such a large family, they remained close and devoted to each other. They have instilled a sense of purpose and determination in their children and grandchildren and continue to have a positive impact.

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