An 88-Year-Old Woman Called ‘The Ellen Show’ To Complain. At 4:00, Everyone Was Laughing Hysterically!

If you’ve ever seen Ellen Degeneres’ show, you know that she has fans near, far, old and young. She also likes to engage with these fans and listen when they have suggestions. When Ellen received a hilarious voicemail from 88-year-old Gladys Hardy of Austin, TX, she just had to call her back and talk to this woman on the show. Gladys does not skip a beat when it comes to decorating tips and hilarious quips. I love this!

Ellen calls back Gladys and their conversation had me in stitches. The best part is what Gladys reveals to Ellen around 4:00 minutes in. You have to love an old lady with a sassy sense of humor! Her honesty is just spectacular. Ellen is the best when it comes to making people smile. I can’t wait to catch up on their next chit chat. Hysterical!


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