82-Year-Old Martha Stewart Posts a Provocative Lingerie Picture

Martha Stewart has been in and out of the public eye for quite some time. At one point, she was on top of the world and it seemed as if everyone was following her and then suddenly, she was in prison and basically forgotten.

The 82-year-old lifestyle Guru is now back again, and this time she is taking the Internet by storm. Recently, Stuart has been posting a number of thirst traps, and that is what she posted when she showed herself in some lingerie.

You can see how confident she is in the Instagram post. She is wearing a nightgown with lace trim and a matching robe, with her hair pushed to one side. She even has a pouty look on her face as she takes a selfie in the mirror.

She is talking about her recent travel experience, saying: “After an eight hour plane trip from Westchester to Palm Beach – horrible by the way – we went to bed early and wore my beautiful @sabbiarosa nightgown (linen with robe). I didn’t look so bad when I got up at least not as bad as I did when I went to bed – it must be the $$$$$outfit!!”


After posting the picture, many people were quick to speak up about her and how they felt about her. Many were proud of her for expressing herself and saying that the thirst trap Martha was their favorite Martha.

Even some celebrities came on board to say about how she was performing a ‘smoke show’ and others said that she was looking unreal.

There were others who had more of a negative thought on the matter, but one thing is certain, she is not afraid to get some attention.

What do you think?