800lb Bride Discovers Love Anew Post Weight Loss

Susanne Eman, an 800lb bride from Arizona, embarked on a journey that went beyond the numbers on a scale. Initially preparing for her wedding in 2013, Susanne shed a significant amount of weight, reaching 450 pounds. However, her fiancé, Chef Parker Clack, called off the marriage, dissatisfied with her weight loss just days before the ceremony.

Devastated and discontent with her smaller figure, Susanne decided to regain the lost weight, quickly reaching 600 pounds. Amidst this struggle, she discovered a new love – 36-year-old chef Nick Abbate, who, like her former fiancé, had undergone a remarkable weight loss journey.

Abbate, an advocate for weight loss and nutrition, embraced Susanne just as she was, finding her irresistibly attractive. Their unique love story unfolded online, and Abbate reveled in preparing large meals for Susanne, supporting her desire to indulge in food. Despite Susanne’s goal to become the heaviest woman in America, Abbate stood by her, expressing his love for her and her love for eating.


Susanne’s initial quest for extreme weight gain gained public attention in 2011 when she aspired to become the world’s heaviest woman. Partnering with Chef Clack, their ambitious plans included an XXXXXXXXXL wedding dress and a target weight of 1600 pounds within the next decade.

However, health concerns and her sons’ intervention led Susanne to abandon this life-threatening mission. In June 2012, she entered a weight-loss clinic, adopting a healthier lifestyle. Despite the positive impact on her health, her relationship with Chef Clack suffered, ultimately leading to their split in October 2012.

Susanne’s journey is a testament to the complexities of body image, love, and personal choice. As she redefines her path, she challenges societal norms and perceptions, highlighting the importance of self-determination in one’s journey toward health and happiness.

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